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Comparison between the different userlevels

Discussion in 'CI-Club FAQ' started by admin, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Here is a quick overview for you. This shall give you an idea, what kind of additional features you can use, if you support us as a CI-Clubmember.

    But even if you do not need those extra features, it makes sense to become Clubmember. With your Clubmmembership, you make sure that we can survive and offer you also in the future this community. Advertisment is nowadays not enough to pay the bills of this place

    During the betaphase after the softwareswitch, all fetaures are available for everybody for free. After the beta phase ends, we will adapt this for each userlevel.


    How to become CI-Club member?

    Click on the upper right hand corner on your username. A drop-down list appears. Click on "Account upgrades" as marked in the following screenshot.


    or within your userprofile, choose on the left side "Account upgrades"


    Or Click on this link:


    On the next screen, pick your choice and follow the instructions on the next pages.

    After completing all steps, you will be promoted within seconds automatically by the software.
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