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Why Sony / Minolta at all?

Ray, your post reminded my of my friend Dick Bryant, who produced MINOLTA MIRROR for so many years prior to his rather premature retirement by Minolta - and his very sad death so shortly after retiring, unexpected in a man who appeared to have nothing but energy to travel the world and meet photographers.

Dick was, in a way, responsible for fostering Minolta professionals. I met many who never made it to the front line, but still got MIRROR exposure, and often the loan of equipment (or at the very least, they traded images for gear - remember the lens boxes with pictures on? I got my XE-1 50mm f1.4 and 24mm lens in return for one lens box, and an 80-200mm I think in return for a Minolta calendar image).

Once Dick was gone, I thought perhaps Minolta might hire me or maybe Hans Wiesenhofer (who was travelling more internationally) to locate and help professionals suitable for exposure. Or even continue MIRROR (it was most likely that Germany would have got the job of doing that, as they networked far better with the Japanese in Europe). But no-one got the job. There was no USA Minolta publication at the time, Germany was otherwise engaged I guess, Austria (Hans) was like me (UK) too independent of the company, and the Netherlands too small a publishing venture.

You can tell where I started with Minolta from - back in 1974, effectively recruited to try Minolta after meeting their UK PR officer to test camera for PHOTOGRAPHY magazine. I was amazed by the lens quality right from the first test (SRT-100) and asked to buy the test camera. Instead they suggested I write a column for their club magazine in return. Six years later, when the distributor closed down and Minolta set up a subsidiary in the UK, I was asked to take over the club and the magazine.

We're still doing it despite efforts by KM and Sony to bury it at the time of the changeover!



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To be Honest i started out a Pentax guy i got my K1000 a year ago for 85 with 3 lenses. How i got the rest well...

I saw this ad on CL where someone was selling a Super Program, a SRT-101, a minolta PS film camera and a 1mp Digital Camera for $30 and a macbook g4 for 50. <FAKE RIGHT?> Wrong i got there and I got all of that plus a minolta 50mm 1.4 a pentax a 50mm 1.4 plus a 35-200mm 3.8 lens! Could you believe it! They were her dad's and she didn't know how use them.

How I got my XG-M was also by CL for $20 with Filther's, an 80-200mm lens, 50mm f2 lens, and a Velbon VF40 tripod.

finally how i got the A100 was as a gift from this girl I dated, it was her father's which he no longer needed since he got a Canon 5d!

I been lucky but I am a Pentax, Minolta, Sony Guy:proud:.


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Ok... for me... It began at around 20. I was in a shop looking for a good slr and didn't know what to buy. Finally bought a slightly used 7xi to begin with and a little 50mm 1.7. Good combo to start falling in love with photo, I got really hooked. Remember that I didn't have anything before except a old Koday Instanmatic my father gave me when I was 10 !

The 7xi broke down (a flash thing, nothing serious) but the shop garantied it so it was sent for repair. Waiting a month was way to long and I bought a little 400si in the process. A couple of lens... then the 7xi came back.

The guy at the shop saw a couple of my photos and hired me. I learned a lot and every "photo paycheck" was converted into gears. It was a second job and most of all, a hobby. I've never considered this like a real job but was still doing my best. No reason to scrap a good reputation.

Then, got a few interessing gear and a 700si.

Then, nothing... I didn't bought anything for about 5 years except films. Digital isn't scaring me... but the speed thing in numeric changes does. It's wicked fast, it's like computers... by the time you decide which one you want, it's outdated !

That's where I'm standing right now. I'm going to make a move for digital... someday... because I have difficulties to find slides, they don't stock this anymore except in the great cities.

Then, I'll have to do a move... but will regret the good old days !:)

Mart Bee.


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So I guess... the reason why Minolta at all ? Well... because of my first slr combo... nothing more, nothing less.

Ps... sorry, I had 5 minutes to edit my post... and got disturbed so I had to write this second little post to explain Why Minolta ! Sorry.


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At my 19th, I got an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic + 50/1,4. Gift from my wife's father who bought the new MX.
Since then, my new "old" Spot was obviously the best camera you could have. I had no need of another, and I was completely happy!
But a strange illness hit me: buy and buy all I saw or wanted to try.
Every day on the way to work, I stopped in front of a store window and spent a lot of time watching all that was exposed in second hand.
I bought a lot of things; oh yes! Damned, I could be rich today with all the money I spent in photographic gear !
One day I had the opportunity to buy a 9000 AF with a lot of lenses. So I continued to complete this collection and bought all the G and the great white wich I still use on the A-900 and A-77.

In 42 years, I also bought Nikon, Canon, only one Leica (the M3 I still have) and many other brands (35mm and medium format). I was a little crazy: eg, I still have 8 Rolleiflex TLR!

But, I finally realized that none camera was doing better "pictures" than the other and only the lenses were of value.
I stopped then my treasure hunt.
And, since I was "best equipped" in Minolta brand... I continued with them and Sony.
My only real regret is that the creator of the autofocus was lazily left behind by other brands in this matter. Today it is a little better, but there is still some work to take the reins over!

Today the E mount allows me to play with anything below 200mm. I'm sick again and... this is great! Thanks Sony.


yes, Sony has made a lot of effort to bring innovatiosn into the market and into the ex-Minolta system. Especially the option with Zeiss lenses is very interesting...


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Minolta (wel known !) has stopped the photografic activity in 2006 or 2005. As f.e. Pentax, they were big concurrent of the two biggest on the market (Canon & Nikon).
Sony took Minolta over. In reaction, most of the persons & companies in the photography world have choosen a bad choice : try to push Sony (very big company) out of the DSLR maket. But, those negative reactions did not broken the spirit and the will of Sony who has in the meantime tooken its place (3d) and brought many positive things.
The "Nex system" and the Alpha 7 are two amazing exemples of the know-how and capacities of SONY.