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Why Sigma at all


Initially, because it was cheap...

Having been disappointed with film photography, I didn't want to waste too much money if I was going to be just as useless with digital. The cheapest DSLR I could find on ebay was a Sigma SD10 with a 24-60 F2.8 lens. That was in 2007.
It was quite difficult to get good images, but I had no idea that this wasn't the same as any other camera. I found I couldn't use any ISO setting above 100 and that the Sigma Photo Pro software was pretty awful.
When I did get a good image, however, it was fantastic. The Foveon sensor is what set it apart and now I'm on my third X3 camera, the SD15 and I was fortunate enough to borrow a new SD1 recently and will obtain one when I can afford it.
I have Canon cameras too, now, but I will always have a Foveon camera in my gear and I recommend anyone who takes digital photography seriously to do the same. A used Sigma camera with a decent lens or two isn't expensive and for some photographic scenarios it is unsurpassed by any other make.

Jeffery Smith

New Member
I realize that I'm resurrecting a moribund thread, but the Foveon is really what makes this camera. I have a friend who bought the first Sigma dSLR and used it with Zeiss (East German, post WWII) lenses, and his images were stunning. There are certainly some tradeoffs with the Foveon, but nothing that approaches the challenges of using Fuji Velvia film (speed!).

I have colleagues at work who shoot with high end Nikon dSLRs, and they chuckle under their breath when they see me toting a Sigma.


I agree. The comparison with Fuji Velvia came also to my mind. I use the SD15 with m42 adapter and the new Zeiss ZS lenses 35/2.0 and 50/1.4 which many users know in their ZF and ZK version...


Well-Known Member
Jeffery...look thru my Sigma pictures...with Zeiss ZF can buy a mount replacement from Luis...and shoot Nikon MF lenses on Sigma Bodies...the lenses...trully make the Sigma a beast to contend with...



Colors are awesome and clarity is clean and crisp....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: