Why Pentax at all?


Back in the film days I used Pentax 67 I and II cameras and felt quite comfortable with them, i.e. haptic, built quality etc. A couple of years ago I purchased a 645D which I am still using for the same reasons. I really do like its handling which is second nature for me. This camera has been designed by photographers for photographers. This is at least my subjective impression.

Regards, Udo
That is true. This is why it is so dispappointing not to see any kind of "pushing" forward new innovative products from Pentax. I use for example a Ricoh GR from 2013. I love that camera because of its usability. But nothing happend since 2013. The GRII is the same camera except WIfi. No improvemenst in FW, no improved sensor (for better high ISO) etc.

It would be so easy for Pentax/Ricoh, if they just would continue this old road of excellent usability in new affordable products...