Why do you favour Leica M R Digital or P&S



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after many years of shooting with SLRs, I finally could afford to get an M6 + a Bessa R2. Like other people in the Forum, I find the M system perfect for street photography.

1. The camera is small and discrete
2. The shutter is almost not to be heard by people
3. The frames in the viewfinder with free space around them to see what's going on outside the chosen pic + no "blackout" in the moment of exposure make the M camera perfect for crowded environments, in my case the streets of Shanghai (very crowded indeed!!!).

greetings from China, stefan
am researching the leica camera and thinking about buying one. can anyone tell me the difference between the leica and the leica leitz. is one beter than the other. thanks


hi everyone. i'm the owner of an r9 and the cm zoom. both great. but for whatever it's worth,here's my definition of perfection---the m7af...body large enough to accomodate auto focus with manual override,built in flash for fill-in,and a rubberized body similar to that on my black r9 for a secure grip.you could charge about 3 grand for the body and you'd have me eating out of your collective hands! hey guys,get over the stubbornness and address what we need the most---potential spontaneity and compatibility with the world's greatest lenses all in one package. you can still keep the manual m7 for all the purists, but all i want is ease of fuctioning and i'm willing to pay for it...just a warning--too much rigidity is a killer!! hope you top guns at leica are listening!!!


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m7af...body large enough to accomodate auto focus >

Large, like the Contax AX, with movable back auto focus. Please ask for any thing you want, but a ruberized M7, well IMO that's asking for a lot!

On second thought ask for Cannon to make one, after all they started by copying a Leitz.




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Currently using M system and loving it. But interested in an R system too as I occasionally miss using an SLR. But I love the fact that I can handhold my M on VERY low shutter speeds and still get great sharp pictures.

Can anyone tell me whether the later R4 - R7 cameras have a mirror control system similar to the 'crank guide drive' on the Leicaflex/R3 that actively controls/decelerates the mirror? Or do they just use foam 'd&ing'?

Is this why the earlier cameras (Leicaflex/R3) are considered superior by many, or are there other reasons?

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