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Which Contax System suits best to your needs


Hi zaxfan, I can fully understand your passion! Although I have very little Contax gear from the pre-1975 RTS era, I bought every Contax model since then (except the colour variations of the RX), every accessory and all the Zeiss lenses except the N-Mirotar 210mm, 1000 Mirotar f5.6 and 60mm C-Planar (pointless if you have the S-Planar or Yashica ML 55 2.8). I also had the good fortune to be gifted a few items back in the 1980/90s by Yashica such as the Zeiss 600mm f4 and found a few weird cameras like the camouflaged military versions of the 137MD, many variants of the CMCG 137MD and the M35W 137MD plus the different models of the RTS Fundus. Very sorry to hear about your dead N Digital - on the plus side, it makes a very rare and beautiful paperweight! Talking about Contax digital gear, the only cameras I always carry with me are either the i4R (such a little beauty), the SL300RT or, if both are being charged, then the U4R. And even though it takes several days to boot up (well, it feels like that), I still love using the TVS-D as it feels so good (if you love the T-series cameras, you'll probably like their digital brother) and produces rich, beautiful images. And as for the C645, what a great camera...

I hope you continue to enjoy using your Contax gear for years to come. You have a very good collection of some truly classic cameras!