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Sigma SD Quattro/ SD Quattro H


This comes earlier than expected. Sigma not just announced a replacement of their DSLR Flagship SD1 Merrill, it will be also not a DSLR anymore. It will be a mirrorless camera with electronic viewfinder and Sigma SA mount.

There will be two different models, depending on the sensor size. Sigma SD Quattro and Sigma SD Quattro H.

Sigma put a special website up for both new models:

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The specs:


Interchangeable-Lens Digital Camera
Compatible Lenses SIGMA SA mount interchangeable lenses
Lens Mount SIGMA SA bayonet mount
Angle of View Equivalent to approx. 1.5 times the focal length of the lens (on 35mm cameras) Equivalent to approx. 1.3 times the focal length of the lens (on 35mm cameras)
Image Sensor
Image Sensor
Foveon X3 direct image sensor(CMOS)
Image Sensor Size 23.5×15.5mm (0.9 inch×0.6inch) 26.6×17.9mm (1.0 inch×0.7 inch)
Number of Pixels Effective Pixels: Approx. 29MP
T(Top): 5,424×3,616 / M(Middle): 2,720×1,808 / B(Bottom): 2,720×1,808
Total Pixels: Approx. 33MP Effective Pixels: Approx. 44.8MP T(Top): 6,200×4,152 / M(Middle): 3,348×2,232 / B(Bottom): 3,348×2,232
Total Pixels: Approx. 45MP
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Recording System
Storage Media
SD Card, SDHC Card, SDXC Card, Eye-Fi Card
File Format Lossless compression RAW data (14-bit), JPEG (Exif2.3), RAW+JPEG
Color Mode 11 types ( Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Portrait, Landscape, Cinema, Sunset Red, Forest Green, FOV Classic Blue, FOV Classic Yellow, Monochrome )
File Size
HIGH T:5,424×3,616 / M:2,712×1,808 / B:2,712×1,808
LOW T:2,704×1,808 / M:2,704×1,808 / B:2,704×1,808
S-HI 7,680×3,296
HIGH 5,424×2,328
LOW 2,704×1,160
S-LO 1,920×816
S-HI 7,680×4,320
HIGH 5,424×3,048
LOW 2,704×1,520
S-LO 1,920×1,080
S-HI 7,680×5,120
HIGH 5,424×3,616
LOW 2,704×1,808
S-LO 1,920×1,280
S-HI 6,816×5,120
HIGH 4,816×3,616
LOW 2,400×1,808
S-LO 1,696×1,280
S-HI 6,352×5,120
HIGH 4,480×3,616
LOW 2,224×1,808
S-LO 1,584×1,280
S-HI 5,120×5,120
HIGH 3,616×3,616
LOW 1,808×1,808
S-LO 1,280×1,280
HIGH T:6192×4128 / M:3096×2064 / B:3096×2064
LOW T:3088×2056 / M:1544×1028 / B:1544×1028
S-HI 8,768×3,752
HIGH 6,192×2,648
LOW 3,088×1,320
S-LO 1,920×816
S-HI 8,768×4,928
HIGH 6,192×3,480
LOW 3,088×1,736
S-LO 1,920×1,080
S-HI 8,768×5,840
HIGH 6,192×4,128
LOW 3,088×2,056
S-LO 1,920×1,280
S-HI 7,792×5,840
HIGH 5,504×4,128
LOW 2,736×2,056
S-LO 1,696×1,280
S-HI 7,296×5,840
HIGH 5,152×4,128
LOW 2,560×2,056
S-LO 1,584×1,280
S-HI 5,840×5,840
HIGH 4,128×4,128
LOW 2,048×2,048
S-LO 1,280×1,280
White Balance
12 types ( Auto, Auto (Lighting Source Priority), Daylight, Shade, Overcast, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Color Temperature, Flash, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3 )
Electronic viewfinder (approx. 2,360,000 pixels color LCD monitor)
Viewfinder Frame Coverage approx. 100%
Viewfinder Magnification approx. 1.09x (-1m-1, 50mm F1.4 at infinity)
Eye point approx. 21mm (–1m-1)
Diopter Adjustment Range approx. -4m-1 to +2m-1
Auto Focus Type
Phase difference detection system + Contrast detection system
AF Point 9 points select mode, Free move mode (It is possible to change the size of Focus Frame to Spot, Regular and Large), Face Detection AF Mode
AF Operating Range EV -1~EV 18 (ISO100 F1.4)
Focus Mode Single AF, Continuous AF (with AF motion prediction function), Manual
Focus Lock AEL/AF lock button is pressed or shutter release button is pressed halfway
Exposure Control
Metering Systems
Evaluative Metering, Spot Metering, Center-Weighted Average Metering
Metering Range EV 0~EV 17 (50mm F1.4 ISO100)
Exposure Control System (P) Program AE (Program Shift is possible), (S) Shutter Speed Priority AE, (A) Aperture Priority AE, (M) Manual
ISO Sensitivity ISO 100-6400
Exposure Compensation ±5 EV (in 1/3 stop increments)
AE Lock AEL/AF lock button is pressed or shutter release button is pressed halfway
Auto Bracketing Number of shots: 3, or 5 (Appropriate, under, over; 1/3EV steps up to ±3EV for appropriate exposure)
Shutter Type
Electronically Controlled Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed 1/4000 - 30 sec., Bulb (With Extended Mode : Max. 2 min.)
External Flash Sync. X-Sync(1/180)
Hot shoe (contact X synchronization at 1/180 sec. or less, with dedicated flash linking contact)
Sync Terminal Available
LCD Monitor
TFT color LCD monitor
Monitor Size 3.0"
LCD Pixels Approx. 1,620,000 pixels
Coverage 100%
Electronic Level Display Available
Reviewing Images
Single frame display, 9 frames multi display, Zoom, Slide Show
Highlight Display Available
Histogram Available
LCD Monitor Language
English / Japanese / German / French / Spanish / Italian / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean / Russian / Dutch / Polish / Portuguese / Danish / Swedish / Norwegian / Finnish
USB (USB3.0, micro B), HDMI (Type C mini-pin HDMI connector), Remote
Power Source
Li-ion Battery BP-61, Battery Charger BC-61, AC adapter SAC-7 (optional) [DC connector CN-31, AC cable (supplied)]
Dimensions and Weight
147mm/5.79"(W) × 95.1mm /3.74"(H) × 90.8mm/3.57"(D) 147mm/5.79"(W) × 95.1mm /3.74"(H) × 90.8mm/3.57"(D)
Weight 625g / 22oz. (without battery and card) TBD
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature
0 - +40℃
sd Quattro Body
Li-ion Battery Pack BP-61 / Battery Charger BC-61 / AC Cable of Battery Charger / USB Cable / Strap / Body Cap / Instruction Manual / Limited Warranty / Warranty Sticker
Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories
Power Glip PG-41 / AC Adapter SAC-7 / Cable Release Switch CR-31 / Electronic Flash EF-630 / Li-ion Battery BP-61 / Battery Charger BC-61 (AC cable is supplied) / AC adapter SAC-7(optional)[DC connector CN-31, AC cable (supplied)]


Active Member
Now I want to see the results against the Sd-1 Merrill. I've been getting closer to buying the SD-1M. But now I wonder if the Sd-1 M prices will come down to make it the better choice, or what the pricing will be for the new cameras. I have a bias towards supporting underdogs. So I can see the Quattro H as the top,of the life camera. The next two few months shoul be plenty of time of line up a few sales out of the Herd to give sigma another go. O think the foveon is great technology.
Hi Dirk. After we talked about the merits of DPM series (long time ago), I bought an SDQ-H body. I then sent it to a local expert for changing into Canon EF bayonet, so that I could use many of my old lens of other brands (Nikon, Rodenstock enlarging lenese, Hasselblad, and Canon). The results were generally OK, except for the wide lenses (image quality was good only in the central area). For some lenses, the image in the middle is often in a shade of purple while the edges blueish (but this is OK when I prefer getting B&W image instead). But I have been very happy with SDQ-H when I choose to use it to copy my large- and mediu-format film shots, using my Rodenstock enlarger lenses in combinition of SDQ-H's SFD functions. The resulted image quality has been much better than using my film scanners (Microtek and even Nikon Coolscan 9000 with a limited format of 6X9 film and sometimes the problem of uneven scan surface), both in terms of image sharpness and wider dynamics in high and low exposure areas (thanks to SDQ-H's SFD mode which works on 8 different exposures). I used to very disappointed with the film scanning results and I could not afford the very expensive commercial professional scanners for converting my film images into digital ones, but now the SDQ-H helps me marvelously and I have started to use my large- and medium-format cameras more frequently. I believe this film-dagital combination a very good solution to share with those who are still stick to film camera but with some headaches in finding acceptable scanning solutions. I just came back from Europe trips when I carried with me both the DPMs (1,2,3) and Toyo 4x5 film camera, and will convert the developed 4x5 B&W films into the exciting digital images using SDQ-H.


This makes me smile...

Sigma has come a long way since I bought my first metered camera - the Sigmaflex Mark1 at the end of 1976. As you can see, it's showing its age a bit... My next camera - the wonderful Contax RTS, one year later.


  • Sigmaflex Mark 1 - c1976.jpg
    Sigmaflex Mark 1 - c1976.jpg
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A bit late on this thread but maybe someone would find this helpful. I have a SD1 Merrill and a SD Quattro (not the H) and they are very different. The SD win for the details and for the superb viewfinder, and the SD Quattro win for the speed and for having less issues with the red channel.
Some time ago I
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. Both cameras are very capable but they also have issues. It's a love and hate relationship...

I gave up on the Quattro-H because I would not buy any more Sigma SA mount lenses and some ones I have would not cover properly the APS-H sensor size.