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Possible RX battery problem


New Member
I have the CONTAX RX, brought it out recently to check and use and found the battery dead, i installed a new battery and put the camera away. Today I got it out to check and found the battery dead again (or at least it does not power up. Is there anything I can check or any procedure I should try first before getting all drastic? Are these models worth sending to the repair shop?


Hi - sorry to be so late but only just spotted your message. The most important question is: have you got another battery and checked whether the camera's working? If it fires up with a fresh battery, then that's great news and all you need to remember to do is remove the battery each time you've finished with the RX. That being said, it is worth investigating the cause of the power drain as the RX is a great camera and should repay a good service. In which part of the world do you live? There aren't that many people left who will tackle the RX although if your camera works with a fresh battery, it may not require spare parts which would make it more likely that a recognised Contax specialist might take it on.