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    Panasonic introduced today the successor of its Lumix LX100. It looks promising. 20MP sensor, the processor of the GX9 so that we get also the better ooc Jpegs, improved video features etc.

    The zoom lens seems to be the same as in the old LX100. A LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX 1.7-2.8./24-75

    The display is now bigger and also offers now touchscreen. Some might be disappointed that there is to tilt screen. I can live with that. Price will be 949€


    031-FY2018-Panasonic-LUMIX LX100 II-imagebild.jpg

    031-FY2018-Panasonic-LUMIX LX100 II-produktbild-evf.jpg

    031-FY2018-Panasonic-LUMIX LX100 II-produktbild-focus-switch.jpg

    031-FY2018-Panasonic-LUMIX LX100 II-produktbild-back.jpg

    031-FY2018-Panasonic-LUMIX LX100 II-produktbild-top-1.jpg

    And here the official press release:

    To get a better feeling for it, see the Youtube video:


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