Minolta 100mm F28 macro 2nd Generation


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Hello everyone.....
Just to check the minimum focus distance of the 100mm F2.8 lens. My lends seems to do 1:1 focus at a distance shorter than 35cm(0.35m)??


Hi Eyesoother,

waht is your experience with this Macro, I was thinking about purchasing a Macro for my 800si and 9xi. It should be a 100mm lens to wash away the background easier. So a 100/2.8 newest generation would be interesting.

I would be interested above all in the final image quality. If you know the 50mm 2.8 (1:1) how would you compare the two?

Thanks in advance



Eyesoother (nice name!),

I believe that 35cm indicates the distance from your subject to the film plane--not the front lens element. This means that your lens can almost be touching your subject and still be in focus!

Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

I'd also like to hear (or see!) more about the image quality, which I hear is very good. I have the 50mm version, which I like very much.


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There are two specifications:

MOD and CF

MOD = Minimum Operating Distance - the distance from the subject to the front of the lens.

CF = CLose focusing - the distance form the subject to the film plane.

Unless specified, no one know which anyone is talking about.

I have a lens that is 1/4" MOD and 9" CF.

If I were a marketer, I'd mention the 1/4" 'cause it looks better!


Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon Minolta Photographer peterblaise@yahoo.com
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I have had the 100 mm 2.8 D-series for a year or two. The image quality is spectacular. I use it w/ the Maxxum 7 for alot of macro stuff. I sometimes add an extension tube and ring flash. Great portrait lens as well. (I'll post a few photos this afternoon.)