Macro Astronomy (or anything you want to make of it)!


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Rather than hanging around and submitting posts with my "astronomical" technique,
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I would rather show you guys, so that maybe you would post some of your own!

It's interesting, it's EASY, and it's fun! And the possibilities are infinite.
This is NOT a difficult set up. I used a glass bread pan, placed atop two large drinking glasses.

For the background, I placed various colored fabrics, or some pastel papers, and even some flowers
in a pot, underneath the bread pan. Use your imagination and go
hunt around the house for colors!

I filled the pan about 2/3rds full with water and then simply tapped a number of small drops
of cooking oil into the pan.

I shot the images with the SD-14 and the Pentax 100/4 Macro lens.
You could also do it with extension tubes on a normal
lens or possibly even a macro-bellows.

I purposely used a scratched up glass pan, but perhaps they would be better,
or at least different, with a new pan, or even some other type of
glass container to hold the water and oil.


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you are very inventive indeed! Go on shooting!:z02_respekt:

Nice work!! I like it!

See you with creative pictures



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Bravo! very clever indeed. Thank you for sharing the process.

Good luck with your pictures,


p.s. I will miss your imaginative narratives of far away galaxies! :)


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Thanks you guys! I can't take credit for thinking of this type of image, though. I had read an article in an Adorama blog, and it got me to trying the setup for myself.