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Logos for Contaxinfo special edition Contax SL300R


Here's my humble attempt



Active Member
This thread is surely uncovering a lot of creative potential amongst Contaxians these days!

Some of these suggestions are soooo nice.

Andrey has succeeded in integrating the *-star as well as the 'info'-element beautifully. This contribution to me seems very strong indeed.


Also Hank Grabers retro-version has lot going for it.


Is it to be disclosed who will ultimately pick the winner - the honorable founder of the forum, perhaps - or some kind of commitee?

Kind regards,



Well-Known Member
Hi Dirk,

Many thanks for the opportunity to be part of this occasion.
Could you tell us where abouts on the camera the logo will go and what are the dimensions of the place where it will go?




"...Could you tell us where abouts on the camera the logo will go and what are the dimensions of the place where it will go? .."

Hi Paul,

we have not a final decision about the location yet. But I guess the best locations are shown already in the first proposals. I know that this makes it harder to propose a proper logo. But we have to double check with Kyocera first. Since a logo needs some space, it will be either on the front on the upper right, or on the back on the left side of the screen - or both. I guess a logo on two different places makes it more expensive. I will come back to you next week hopefully with a better answer.

Regarding the timing:

Currently we want to make this competition until Monday, 22nd of March.

On Tuesday, 23rd, everybody should vote for their preferred proposal latest.

On Wednesday, 24th, we will look at the votings and the owner of contaxinfo (Andreas, Marcus and me) will decide which one of the top rated proposals here is the best alternative for this purpose. So your votings are very important. But it depends obviously also on the cameramodel, i.e. the space on that camera for it etc.

If there are any new information out there which would affect the logo design, we will publish it as soon as we know it and will of course also extend the voting and proposal period. If new information affects also the old designs, which are already uploaded, they do not count and the user can upload a new proposal to have equal rights to other users, who just uploaded after that information. This is only fair I think.

But this is just a rule in case something important happens inbetween. We do not think at the moment that we have to postbone that deadline.

As a sidenote: I will be on travel next week a lot and will be also on Cebit one or two days ( a German Computer & Camera exposition where many camera producer are represented), so I can not check the forum as regular as normally.

Thanks a lot for the great proposals so far. But do not stop, we are eager to see even more

I am really pleased by the active participation from all of you. I am sure this will impress Kyocera a lot!


New Member
Andrey's entry is superb and classy, but perhaps even better with a capital E in Limited Edition.



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I vote for Hank's ideas.

It's kind of neat that the retro type is used on a digital camera.
Although, I'm not to sure about red for the type color.

Keep it simple on such a small camera, huh?


I agree... I would go for the white on my "retro" logo as well. In addition looking at photos of the camera I hadn't seen before I'd position it on the other side of the camera where there is a nice big square piece of real estate. That way all the present Contax markings can stay :



maybe tone it down by making it silver grey (there is a lot of text on the camera):


Well-Known Member
Hey Andrey .... that reverse side image looks familiar

Where did it come from (you naughty boy!)

Kyocera Kid
Hi, Bob! You absolutely right
I was sure that this image was located somewhere in the net. After some investigations, I found that I was incorrect, and now replace reverse side image with edited by my own.
Sorry, it's my fault.


Well-Known Member
Only joking mate! No harm done!

I only knew it was one of mine as I did a negative image on a silver one, masking out some bits that didn't look right in the negative, but not others ..... oops there goes my secret of where I got the image of the black back from.

Out of interest where did you get the "real" black back image from?

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.
This image is also made from silver version

However, I mask not only red symbols and display, but pictograms too. I have not found real black back image.
If somebody needs this image to make own proposals - you welcome!