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Live-Blog Photokina 2018



In this thread I will report live from the Photokina 2018. Both, from the press conferences tomorrow and on Wednesday from the photo fair


Sony was the first press conference today.

No new product announcements.

General introduction to the advantages of the E-mount and the technological leadership in eye AF

2018 48 native lenses. They are planing in the long run 60 native lenses...

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I did not exlect anything new, because they current products can still easily compete with the newest product offerings og Nikon and Canon.

I do think Sony just waits a feww weeks with new products to get more attention to them after Photokina.

Maybe before Christmas sakes or even later. Depends on what Panasonic and others will announce today...

Next press conference is Leiva at 11.30 am and then Panasonic at 12.30pm

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New fullframe mirrorless system of Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. With L mount.

The Panasonic MFT system will continue to exist as a parallel offering.

No adapter from MFT lenses to L mount, but adapzer from different systems to L mount possible.