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News Lightroom CC - Is it time to say good by?


New Member
Try zoner photo studio,
In my opinion it includes the best DAM there is, and it's alot cheaper.
www dot zoner dot com/

I Use zoner as DAM and photo/video organizer, and DXO optics pro / photolab and On1 photo raw as raw converters and corel paint shop pro or affinity as photoshop alternative.
I know, a lot of different programs, but they all have there needs in my workflow.



New Member
As a non pro photographer subscription based software is just not cost effective, I can go days or sometimes weeks without firing the shutter, we all go through phases where we lack inspiration.... why pay for a service during such periods of inactivity??

No ...I think Adobe will do ok initially on a subscription based service in the imaging department at least but photography/imaging is a fast moving ever changing creative environment where even the hardware is improving at an incredible pace.
Unlike their office and business based software which is written to carry out well established tasks it won't be too long before competition steals business away from Adobe in the world of photography, we're not all pro photographers and the hobby photography market is vast, we like to use Lightroom/ Photoshop and occasionally update the software but the move to subscription is sadly the end for me at least... :-(


Well-Known Member
I am no fan of subscription based programmes. A RAW Converter is not something you change frequently and therefore "owning" one makes sense. However I will certainly not be using Lightroom in the future.
A bad move that negatively impacts customers and surely will have negative consequences for Adobe.

Alain 91

New Member
I have used Lightroom from rev 3 to 6. I don’t like the new commercial strategy of Adobe, it’s very clear that they force their customers to move to subscription for packages including additional space in the cloud to house the files. They want to take the full control of our hobby, to make us dependent of their servers to make more and more money.

So I have moved to DXO Photo Lab Elite for the price of one-year subscription to LR CC. DPL includes now the U-Control technology. Capture One 10 is also a good option but the cost of the license is twice DXO one.


New Member
I think the rental system for Adobe products is only useful for those who use it daily and always need actual versions to remain up to date with their techniques. For those photographers who use it only as a hobby and only during the weekend the rental system is to expensive.
I have used Adobe Photoshop 5.0, 6.0, CS3 and a few weeks ago I found a CS6 copy and that is all I need. As a journalist I do not manipulate the pictures of my daily news work. I only need to light up shadows and to darken some areas and then add sharpness. Most of that work is easyly done by Canons free (RAW converter, also for jpg) program DPP 4, and much easier with the older version DPP 3, although it has less functions. Unfortunately Windows 10 does not allow installation of older versions.
For daily work I use Fotostation Fotoware as a very quick , solid and stable solution for renaming photographs, creating IPTC data , sharpening, and varying shadows and highlights within masks. You are able to process tons of images in very short time and deliver them to various destinations as archiving or printing solutions. Unfortunately Fotoware is expensive and very rare on the used marked.
I never needed lightroom as these other solutions do nearly the same.
Photoshop is useful for me to restore (and sometimes repaint) old historic black and white photographs .
Because of the expensive rental solution I gave away Adobe Premiere and prefer Grass Valleys Edius (Canopus) solution for a very stable and fast video editing. Edius is used by many TV stations and accepts all formats including 4K.


New Member
I paid for Lightroom, and am not amused. It's pure greed. Fortunately, I'm not particularly wedded to it, and there are plenty of other packages out there.


New Member
As a photo amateur I have been using Lightroom from day one.
I now understood that eventually only on subscription basis will LR be available at far to high subscription price.

So this forces me to look for an alternative.
But I know little about software for photo processing.
To be honest I have no idea what would a good alternative that at my high age, will not be too complicated to learn using.

I need something that will store my photographs as LR is doing, this seems to be called a Dam?
Then I will need software for correction/improvement of my photos which will have to tie-in with the Dam?

Can somebody show me a place were I can find solutions for this problem?
Also what about my photos now being stored in LR?

Thank you very much for your advise and help!



Well-Known Member
I used CS6 (with PS extended) when I worked as a photographer and digital illustrator. All the software apps were terrific creative tools. But when the subscription model appeared, I baulked as was not interested in reducing my security from hackers. I'm now using Affinity Photo & Designer but am discovering that they are not really ready for prime time, like PS, AI and ID. I'll persevere as I'm Mac based. For camera file processing, I use Iridient Developer, but I'll be watching (with interest) for news next year from recently renamed MacPhun. Their new name is SKYLUM and they have promised to become a serious Adobe competitor. We'll see, as Afinity did the same and, in my opinion, have not quite got there yet.

Sincerest regards, Jim Roelofs.

Maurice Wright

New Member
I took out a Creative Cloud subscription for photographers 12 months ago and have just upgraded to Photoshop CC 2018 and Lightroom Classic CC. I declined the option of Lightroom CC as I prefer to store my image files on my own hard drives. As i use 3 different computers for processing my images (depending on where I am located at the time) I find this to be very convenient. I use the cloud only for checking the licencing and updating the programs, the software packages and image files are all stored on my own computer hard drives. This way I do not have to be online to continue working. This works for me and I have no desire to change to alternative workflows.


What I do not like with Adobes move to subscription only models is, that you do not get really something for it. The very few new features they added since they offer subscroptions for Photoshop and Lightroom over the past 2 years show clearly, that it is just a cash cow model.

Adobe realized, that fewer and fewer people will buy every 12 months a new camera. So there is no need for them to buy a new RAW converter each time, because the old one is still working. At the same time, Photoshop and LR are so much advanced already, that there is not really a "big" feature missing. This is another reason for not buying very 12-18 months a new version of Photoshop and/or LR. They are "good enough" already.

So with the step to subscription only, Adobe makes sure that they force basically their customers to buy every year a new version/upgrade without providing every year meaningful features for them. Smart move. And it works. As you can read in the press release, Adobe never made so much money as in the last year. Without innovating anything except the forced payment :)

No, I prefer to spend my money elsewhere and only when I really want to spend the money, not when Adobe wnats to have it from me. LR 6 is my last version of Adobe products.

I added DXO Photolab already, will think about Capture One Pro too to "replace" LR6 as a future RAW converter. Maybe I will add even a software I never used before. Depends what kind of offers are out there in 2018. This could be Affinity or others. Depends also on the cameras I will use then. Not every RAW converter is the best for every RAW files ;)


New Member
I am also looking for a path put of LR. Considering Capture 1 Pro and also Luminar which is supposed to adding a DAM in their product. Used Luminar lately and was very pleased with the results. I shoot Fuji X system and have also been using Iridient products as well as they seem to be the de-facto standard for getting the most out of Fuji X-Trans sensors.

I just saw the other day where LR released the final non-subscription version this week.