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    if you want to share and discuss your photos or show images for a technical discussion, there are basically two possibilities for you.

    A. Embed the images in your posting, which are already uploaded somewhere else (i.e. Flickr)

    B. Upload the images directly on our server

    Ad A.: Show you flickr images in your posting:

    First, please make sure that you have at Flickr the correct settigs so that the images will be shown on others sites/ be visible via a BBcode link. You can not get the required BBcode from the image, if you have the wrong settings in your flickr account.

    1. Go to the specific image you want to show in your posting

    2. Click on the right side of the image on the arrow


    3. In the pop-up screen, click on "BBcode"


    (If nothing happens, you have the wrong settings for this specific image within your Flickr account)

    Normally you should now see 2 boxes. One with a drop-down option for choosing the size of the image and another one with the BBcode in the textbox, starting with embed_flickr_BBcode3.png

    Choose first the image size (A), then copy the highlighted BBcode (B) and paste this BBcode wherever you want to in your posting.

    After you posted your comment in the forum, the image will be visible for every user in the forum.

    Please bear in mind, that as soon as you delet your image on Flickr or change your setting for the specific image in Flickr, this image will not show in the forum anymore and the whole thread is worthless. So please do not change anything on Flickr regarding this image after you published it here.

    That's it with Flickr et alii.

    Ad B.: Uploading images directly on our server

    1. Click on "upload a file" below the textbox here in the forum

    With our new forum-design it looks like this at the moment:


    Attention: The upload limit restrictions my vary over the time. The current allowed values are displayed always there. The numbers in this screenshot here are just as an example.

    2. Choose the photo/photos on your PC you want to upload here

    The maximum file size limit will be displayed on that button until we find a better solution (as of 10/2017), since this depends also on the userlevel.

    3. After uploading a photo, put the curser of your Mouse on the spot within your posting where the specific image shall be displayed within your posting

    4. After that click on "full image" to display the full image on that spot.


    Now your images will be displayed at the spot you put the cursor beforehand in your posting.

    You can change afterwards still the location within your text with "copy" & "paste" the code.

    That's all.

    Enjoy it!
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