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Hasselblad 500EL : problem motor

Thomas J

New Member

There is little i recovered a 500 EL which was in a closet for close to 20 years
I found the solution to adapt new 9v battery (
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) ... It works !
It was blocked too , impossible to leave the 80mm f2.8.
I got through it with this :
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But now when i plug the battery , the unit performs continuous cycles (like a burst mode (rafale in french) ).

Have you any idea what can be stop this? maybe the trigger contact is stuck?

Thank you for your help ! :)
(sorry for my english language , i'm French)



Well-Known Member

Is the selector switch on the side of the camera set correctly? You can set that one to continous mode or single shot mode.

Otherwise it it could very well be the microswitch or the lever that controls that microswitch's alignment. Fixable if you are not afraid of loosening a couple of screws. I fixed a couple of EL cameras that had problems like that.



Well-Known Member
Welcome here Thomas!

The end switch of the 500 EL needs adjustment to stop the camera after 1 exposure in single shot mode.
The switch adjustment is located at the RH side of the camera.
To remove the side cover you need to lift the leatherette on the side panel just above the RH cover of the motor part.

If you are not familiar with mechanical adjustments this job is best left to an experienced repair man.

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New Member
Hi there,

Sorry to revive this thread after so many years - I wonder if either polypal or wilko might be able to explain how to make this adjustment ? My 553elx just started doing this exact thing - I'm reasonably proficient technically - David Odess, the reputable guy near me (NYC) apparently no longer services the motorized hasselblads, perhaps I'm beginning to understand why :) Any light either of you could shed would be greatly appreciated !