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Fun with Sigma Foveon images



I open here an image thread especially for images made with Sigma Foveon cameras. No matter which Foveon sensor. I do think that this Foveon sensor is so different to other sensor types, that people have to see the differences themselves. It is too hard to describe it. You have to seee it to understand it :)

So please join here and upload your Foveon images here. It does not matter whether it is a snapshot or not. It is for our fun!

My first image here is not post processed at all except in Lightroom exposure -2/3, resizing to 1000 Pixel at the wide end and save for web. It is a Jpeg ooc. Just to show you, what you get "worst case" :)

Sigma DP3M. This "P&S" has an amazing fixed 50/2.8 Macro lens on it and the lovely Sigma Foveon Merrill sensor in it.

I possess all DPM line from 1 to 3. The wide-angle one (DP1M) seems to have some IQ problem in corners and far sides (a bit blurred) , but both DP2M and DP3M are fantastic. However sometimes you do need wide angle.

Recently I paid attention to Sigma SDQ-H (body only), playing with the idea of utilizing my old Nikon lenses to a Foveon machine--with SDQ-H as the candidate. I do not know if there are appropriate and convenient lens adapters designed for this purpose (maybe not). But in China there are some capable guy who can offer the services of changing the SA bayonet of SDQ and SDQ-H into Canon EF bayonet, so people can use EF lenses on the SDQ series or using a NK-EF adapter (readily available) to amount the Nikkors as well to a SDQ body. I would like to know if somebody in this forum have this kind of experience or information. Thanks.

However, I do not think the IQ of the SDQ series can beat that of the DPM series.


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Me neither. The Merrill sensor was the zenith, everything afterwards could not be on the same level.

Great shot by the way. I almost can smell the fruits. Even the wood is "real". :daumenhoch_smilie:
I think that of the digital sensors the image quality of Foveon sensor (especially the DP and DPM series) is the best similar to that of films, which I still shoot.


yes, kind of. I find the images from the Foveon sensors like looking through an open window in the mountains where the air is still clear vs. other sensors with which you have the feeling to look through a closed window. I do not know how to explain it better...
You were right, Dirk. I always find that especially the objectives in far distance in a Foveon image are superior in startling resolution, while other sensors usually cannot match such image quality for the distant details (though perhapse could make more equivalent good images in closer distance). So I have developed a habit, when examing and comparing sample images taken by some new models of digital camera, of always looking into the objectives in distance to judge the resolution quality. :D