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Flash and shutter speed stuck


New Member
I just got a Contax TVS II from Ebay and it seems it’s not working properly. It’s stuck in flash sync and at 1/60 shutter speed. Contacted the seller and he insists that it was working... so not sure if I am doing anything wrong. I found someone with the same problem on the Contax RTS but it seems on that camera it just does that on the first two shots of a film.



Active Member
Hi Emma, is it this model
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? That review says to hold down the flash button to change the flash mode. Perhaps you can turn it off there.


Well-Known Member
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The behavior you describe for RTS is normal. It is programmed to do that on the first two frames of a new roll in order to bypass the shutter delay when little or no light gets to meter. Don't know about the TVS. Does it behave normally after the first two exposures.?