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Contax TLA PS-110 what is it.


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Contax TLA PS-110 what is it. Does anyone know, it seems to take a single 480V battery. It arrived with a TLA-480, and has the correct connector on the power cable for the TLA-480. I presume that I can no longer get a battery for it.



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Hi - the TLA480 has 3 recognised power sources (PS-): there is the standard PS-120 which takes D-cells, the PS-130 which is an AC Power Pack and your PS-110 which I believe used a high-voltage dry battery (National 1060W which contained two 240V cells); there may also have been a rechargeable 510v type. The PS-110 and -130 were produced in very limited numbers and were restricted to Japan and the USA. Neither the PS-110 or PS-130 appear in any English language Contax brochures or catalogues to my knowledge. It might be worth checking National in Japan who made the TLA480 on behalf of Contax as their own version, the PE-480SG, would have used similar power sources. The same 480 model also appeared as a Canon Speedlite and a Nikon flash but National definitely made a number of alternative power sources for their big flash units. It would not surprise me if they still make the big batteries for their units which should work with the Contax version BUT do double check the dimensions if a battery is still obtainable; Contax deliberately altered the power connectors and cables to ensure that smart photographers would not be able to switch to the much cheaper National PE-480SG... It would be helpful if you could upload a piccie of the PS-110.