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Contax d-8 databack manual


New Member
Hello to all
I need manual for D-8 databack for Contax AX
maybe some of you can send it or point me to link with manual
Anyone got a manual for Contax D-8 data back in electronic format? I am not trusting this manual re-print services. I have been stabbed in the back in the past - I did order a manual for
a Gossen Light Meter, instead I received a manual for a Zeiss Camera. It took me 2 weeks to get my money back.


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You can wetransfer it to me and I will provide it in a DropBox to Dirk. My e-mail address is mg.vassilev AT



it seems that some links on the old download page are broken since our server move. I need more time to find the reason and to fix this. In the meantime, I upload it here in this thread as PDF as an attachment. So everyone can download it again.


  • Contax _Data_Back_D8_Contax_AX.pdf
    11.5 MB · Views: 6
@vadimbec - I can not thank you enough for the work you did ! Do you think it is worth sending this file to the website - the one stop for all
old-timer camera manuals ? I think it will be beneficial for everyone and it will be one more nail in the coffin of sites like

Let me know your opinion. I will not go ahead without your explicit permission.
Dear Dirk,

I understand your concern, but do anyone of us make a money off the intellectual property of the other ? No. And even if we ignore this fact - as I told before,
they can not even sen the right manual after you have paid them. But otherwise - you are right. The problem is that I will never walk in the shoes of sites
like camera-info, because I will be ashamed of my business model. One more time my apologies if I have offended anybody with my post.


I still do not understand your point. is the successor of, the biggest Contax user community forum worldwide. It is owned by a Contax user. A private person. There is no business model or big company behind it.

The PDFs we scanned and uploaded here are all for free.

I have the feeling that you do not know exactly what we are doing and who we are. So please read here the "about us" section first before making assumptions which are not true ;)

@dirk Dear Dirk,

I have made a colossal mistake - all I said previously has nothing to do with All I meant and stated was for . has been wrongly stated by me in all my posts and I apologize for my shortsightness here. Feel free to take down all my previous posts as they are stating the wrong website - everywhere it should be My apologies again and thank you for pointing this out as well as your work for