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A new bag system for me: f-stop


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Hey there,

I recently bought a new bag system for me from f-stop (
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Why do I like it? It's a modular system, you can buy different kind of bags, from backbags, to messengerbags to trolleys etc. But the bags it-selves are empty so you also need to buy so called internal camera units (ICU). These are available in different sizes and shapes and you can even combine them. So you decide before the hike: do I need lots of camera equipment and hardly any other supplies? I'll take the backbag (in my case the Tilopa) and the large or extra large camera unit. If I need food, a rainjacket, spare clothes etc. I opt for the a smaller ICU and have lots of storage for the other supply.

Everything from f-stop seems to be well thought out and durable. I haven't used it yet on a longer journey but I keep you posted as soon as I have more practical experience.

If you have any experience with f-stop gear, feel free to post here as well.



I have been eyeballing the F-stop Guru for some time now. I think this backpack will be in my gear closet before too much longer.