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100mm F/2.8 Apo-Macro-Elmarit-R


New Member
trying to decide between the title lens and a Zeiss 100 f/2 MP ZE mount - I am leaning towards the Zeiss, but a little concerned with the different mounts available on the available offerings being sold currently (used ofcourse)
one is a MF3 cam with a Leitax canon mount Serial # 3559692 ;
other is/seems to be a 2CAM with no ROM, according to serial number 3468509 - mint;
last but not least it's another MF3 cam but no adapter - I would buy a Novoflex R to canon EOS adapter.

#2 in mint; the other two are in 9/9+ condition - aside of price is there any other obvious reason I should consider one over the other two?


This mail is so old that the issue must be less urgent by now, but others might be interested.

The AME is an excdellent performer, but not exactly small and lightweight. Like most Leitz creations before autofocus, it is very robust, so if the glass is without blemish, no reason to hesistate unless you intend to use it as a museum piece My AME has a ding in the filter thread, but still performs well. The Coatings on all R-lenses changed over time, so that the latest version is more resistant to flare. The front lens is very recessed and the hood hleps, so even lwith ess ealborate coatings it performs well . The issoe of ROM or not is irrelevant . If you intend to use the Leitz-labelled flash on an R-8 or R-9 with a zoom lens. the ROM will have a function.