Contax ND v. 1.06<br />
24-85 at 85mm/f11.8<br />
ISO 100<br />
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Contax ND v. 1.06
24-85 at 85mm/f11.8
ISO 100
  1. djg
    Nice straight lines and exposure - a bit bleak for my taste :)
  2. clarkerickson
    This comes very close to working for me- I think what does detract (for me) from its impact is the rather cluttered assemblage of objects along the fenceline. The lamps are eerie,though, and that does work for me! Nice effort!!
  3. charre
    I like the composition, tonal range, rich detail and the transformation of the mundane into something beautiful. It is also a pleasant surprise to see that the digital camera can produce such great black and white photos when used by somebody who has an eye.
  4. nickser
    A smasher

Additional Info

Settings: 85 mm

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