M6, forgot which lens, aperture, etc..
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M6, forgot which lens, aperture, etc..
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  2. mark1
    Great shot! The crop is one of the best parts of the shot (the graphic quality is wonderful also along with the stretching of the dog). Even if you didn't have to avoid the edge of the rug, I would have cut it there. Not doing so would have made it too 'safe'. Completing the photo in your mind gives it that much more energy, making the difference between a good photo and a great one. Besides, there is no information in the cropped shoulder of the dog that the viewer needs. It's wonderful.
  3. sim00
    Very surreal.
  4. aurelio carraffa
  5. yooloo
    ... cant stop laughing every time i look at it... Great!
  6. yvan m3
    yvan m3
    Just like a cameleon!
    It's an old post but nevermind!

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