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  1. bnfotografie
    Excellent use of what I assume is windowlight. Beuatiful unposed moment of contemplation.

    When you post, could you also put in some brief technical comments. It's helpful to know camera, lens, film and so on. Thanks.
  2. Unregistered
    I would like to see more of your pictures.
    You are quite good.
    Definitively you aren't posting from Italy.
    I would say somewhere in Balcans. Is that right?
  3. RazvanL
    I'm from Romania. I took all those pictures with a Nikon FM2 with Nikon lenses. This is my main hobby so it's a pleasure when I get some comments [bad or good] about my work. I don't use any lab for processing the films [Ilford] Everything was done home. If you want more details, just ask.
  4. stefan shanghai
    stefan shanghai
    Hi Razvan,
    your photographs are great, especially the portraits, but shouldn't they be posted in the nikon forum? BTW, the FM2 is a wonderful camera!

    Cheers, stefan

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