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ND @ ISO 100, Zeiss 120/4 Macro via Nam-1 adapter @ f/4
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ND @ ISO 100, Zeiss 120/4 Macro via Nam-1 adapter @ f/4
In the album Black & White
  1. YungSun
    Nice shot!
    I ask you a question. Is there the Adobe CS RAW format editing function for Contax ND? Because as I know Adobe is not yet use for C-ND..
    What is the beta version? Please let me know. Thanks.
  2. fotografz
    Beta testing is where a company has real world users test a product before it is introduced to everyone else.

    In this case Adobe has given advanced copies of a new RAW developer plug-in for PhotoShop CS that includes the ND among a bunch of other new camera applications like the new Canon 1D Mark II
    and Nikon D-70, etc.

    The Beta versions go through a number of refinements based upon feedback from the Beta Testers.
  3. YungSun
    Thanks for fast reply. I also will wait for new RAW upgrade of developer plug-in for Photoshop.

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