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contax rts 2<br />
<br />
shutter-speed around 100<br />
<br />
flim: fuji 100<br />
<br />...
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contax rts 2

shutter-speed around 100

flim: fuji 100

bogen 3021
In the album life
  1. pipsqueak
    Any comment will do fine
  2. HorstFabian
    I like the balance, very graphic, nice symetry and distribution of light. I would have placed the camera a few steps closer to the lady. Just out of curiosity I cropped the picture close to the latern and took the same amount off the right side. (I already discharged the crop, don't worry) I think the resulting image did't loose it's peaceful charm while it became less "empty", warmer, but it did loose some of it´s symmetry flair.

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