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Public Bi-Plane rides on Martha&#039;s Vineyard.<br />
<br />
Contax ND, 24-85/3.5 @ 85mm.
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Public Bi-Plane rides on Martha's Vineyard.

Contax ND, 24-85/3.5 @ 85mm.
  1. Frogger
  2. Frogger
    When are we going to see the Fotografz aerial photography collection?
  3. fotografz
    No way was I getting in that plane.
  4. Frogger
    Mark, I thought that you had a spirit of adventure. Afterall you have got a TVS digital after all the teething problems you had with the N.
  5. fotografz
    Yes, but that N trouble won't kill you.

    Actually I would have done it, but we were going somewhere else when we came across the Bi-Plane rides.

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