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m6, kodak tri x 400<br />
1/15 sec, f 2.8
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wit konijn
m6, kodak tri x 400
1/15 sec, f 2.8
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  2. johne
    Thought so. Remarkable lens.

  3. agp
    Though I can only get a small copy, I'm very impressed with this image. Clear, and I love the figure at the end. Wouldn't mind a larger version.
  4. agp
    Sorry - missed the earlier posts. Though I have a 35mm Summicron, and I also have a 24mm and 90mm, the 35 is my most successful lens.
  5. shgus
    I love it. Mysterious and quiet atmosphere. It's so sharp. Did you use a tripod ?
  6. wit konijn
    wit konijn
    Thanks shgus,
    No, it's a hand-held pic. For me 1/15 sec is the limit... ;-)
    But I don't like to work with a tripod when I'm "hunting for pictures". I'm too slow then, not flexible.

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