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Warszaw, hotel bathroom detail...<br />
Go figure!
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Warszaw, hotel bathroom detail...
Go figure!
  1. mbru65
    Yooloo--now this is how I imagine my big UFO abduction to turn out! WHAT, may I ask, is this a detail off? Like it though.--mbru65
  2. Swann
    For someone in love with geometry like me, what else could I rate?
    Thanks, wish I could do compos like this. An inch to the left or to the right and it was all spoilt. Right on the point.
  3. yooloo
    mbru65 - it's just a pair of water glasses in front of the mirror, nothing as romantic as alien abduction...
    p.s. you too?
    Swann - thanks for the high marks, i thought you might like it...
  4. gogo
    no comment

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