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m3/50mm tmax 400
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yvan m3
m3/50mm tmax 400
In the album People Photography
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  2. Dorian
    Oh, I see! Well, congratulations not only for excellent timing then (or did someone else press the release?), but for excellent physical shape as well.
    Now that I know this I can't help imagining you racing barefooted over the rocks towards your pose with the auto-release running in the background. Just kidding!
  3. Swann
    An impressive landscape study that reminds a little bit of some Ansel Adams photographs. The foreground is well composed and good in greytones and structures, background looks blocked up as far as I can see and the mans hair drowns in the black. Maybe due to scanning?

    Nudes are a classic photographic theme and Weston or Man Ray produced remarkable samples. But it seems these days, nudes are somehow out of fashion in free (or artistic) photography. I too feel not at ease with the above photogr
  4. gogo
    it's a matter of taste
  5. Swann
    Short & bold, thank you Cuprudo.
  6. ubermensch1
    I need to goto the gym ;-)
    A closer image may not be what is in order, but a large print.

    I like it. good eyes and mind.

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