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A fourth in 20 shots taken for a models comp.<br />
<br />
Contax 645, 45/2.8, Kodak 645C<br...
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50 170 500 860 3241 1191 51 171 741 861 1911 921 22 52 742 1762
A fourth in 20 shots taken for a models comp.

Contax 645, 45/2.8, Kodak 645C
DCS Proback, Profoto Ring Light.
  1. Irakly Shanidze
    Irakly Shanidze
    I like this one the best of all four.
  2. albert4321
    Great shoot! Question: How come the color is different from #1?
  3. fotografz
    She is closer to the camera and further away from the background on the other shot. I also goosed the background on this one to go with her hot pink bikini.

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