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Studio Shot
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Karsten Jacobs
Studio Shot
In the album People Photography
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  2. mholdef

    For some reason I came up as "unregistered", while it's me, "mholdef".

    Nice pics

  3. bnfotografie
    Very nice, indeed. You have a very strong, well developed style.
  4. Unregistered
    good one Karsten

    you are just about to introduce a "pin up stile" which is not retoric and not absolete.
    I love those two pics
  5. Unregistered
  6. cybwanderer
    I am sorry to go againts the every one but I do not buy in it. We have the impression that she lack an arm and the empty background is .... empty. It sounds like it has been "cut and past" from another pic. It does not give me aby emotion. sorry to be honest.

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