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M6, 21/2.8, Tri-X
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M6, 21/2.8, Tri-X
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  2. dsaxe
    Beautiful. Lighting, balance, symmetry; this shot has them all. This would be thrilling as a good exhibition size print, one would stand before for a long time and walk away inspired!
  3. bnfotografie
    Beautiful tones and patterns. Reminds me of a Brassai.
  4. Unregistered
    That's a great picture! Normally I don't love so much architecture but this one is super!
  5. Tea
    so, it's not ASPH professional lens, right?
  6. Unregistered
    Tea, no this was with the regular Leica M 21mm, f/2.8 not the current M 21/2.8 ASPH.

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