Announcement New icons for comments
Dear members,

we just added a new feature. You can now rate a posting of someone else. Not in a bad sense, but to express you opinion about it without beeing forced to write something. See the screenshot below:



It is in the lower left hand of the posting and you will see while hovering with your mouse over that area. There are icons for smilies, etc. Just test it out.

Of course we welcome any kind of written comment to a posting...
Dear members,

we have finished the finetuning of the new front page of We hope you like the new design and the integrated slide show.

We want to thank our member Sergio (sergius) for his support and his images for this slide show.

Enjoy it!

Your Team
Dear members,

we are currently testing different design alternatives for the entry page. The target is to get it more in line with colours etc. with the forum, reviews and gallery of

Therefore you will see over teh next couple of days from time to time some strange colour combinations on the CI landing/news page. Do not worry about it, everything is o.k. :)

Your CI team
Dear members,

we have added a new feature within the forum of You can now publish your own "first impressions" review in the section for Tests, News & Rumors.

We want to offer more interested users the possibility to write short articles about their first impressions with their new gear. This can be a P&S camera, Medium Format cameras, lenses or accessories.

Nothing scientific. Just real world usage, feelings and impressions. Everybody can participate.

Enjoy it!
Dear members,

we upgraded our forum software last night to the newest version. You will find therefore a few new features in the forum i.e. the online status indicator in the upper left hand corner of your avatar or the easy quote feature shows now differenty etc.

Enjoy it!

Your team
Dear members,

the section "Photo News & Rumours" is the central place within the forum where you share rumours and news - no matter about which brand or photo-product.

In this section you shall post the news and rumours yourself. As soon as you find something interesting on the web, please post it here and share it with all other members.

It is specifically allowed to share news and rumours, which you found on other sites.

But please bear in mind, that you always have to post a link to...
I'm impressed. After the 35/1.4 Art now the 50mm equivalent.

And - according to dxo it's even slightly better than the 35mm (at least the canon version). I'm not sure whether there is any difference with the different bayonets. I'm a nikon guy and actually love my small 50/1.4D, but the bokeh is just not that stunning and the Sigma seems to be a perfect match... I'll keep an eye on it....
Dear members,

due to the import of our Hasselblad forum into the CI-forum, we have now from each user profile field 2 versions.

We are trying to fix this bug with the programmers of the software, but this will take some time.

Please do NOT fill in the fields yet and do NOT change any information there. We will inform you by announcement as soon as we have fixed this problem, so you ca do your adjustments afterwards.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Your Team
Dear members,

we approach the end of the migration of the Hasselblad User Forum ( into the Forum.

The redirects are not yet finished and some more features will be added over the next days. But 95% of the work is done. This took us 3 full days and we hope that there are no bugs left.

All postings, usernames and passwords have been imported into the new CI-Forum. So you do not have to do anything to have access afterwards.

Hasselblad has its own section...
Dear users,

because of our growth, we need to upgrade to a bigger and faster server.

This move will take place tonight, Wednesday morning, at around 1am German time (Sunday 7pm New York time). It can last up to 6 hours (worst case). During this timeframe, the site will not be available.

Since this new server has another IP address, it can last for some computerss up to 72 hours until every computer "knows" this new IP address in the internet.

In case some of you will have problems to...
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