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Dear members,

we put a lot of effort in running this community for so many years and keeping it as a stand alone Hasselblad community with its own software etc. Nevertheless there are not enough Club-members to finance this community somehow. So we had to make a decision.

We will ask from now on actively for donations to keep this community running, pay the bills etc. This will be done with different donation goals. The first one will be high, to see whether there is a serious committment...
Dear members,

we are in the process to switch the gallery software. We will try to import all old images into this new software and integrate the gallery with this forum, which is not an easy task.

Therefore the forum will be from time to time in Maintenance mode for testing the integration. Sometimes only a few minutes, sometimes for many hours. This will go on like this probably the next few days/weeks, depending on our progress.

We are sorry for this inconvenience

Your CI-Team
Dear Hasselblad users,

we wish you a happy new year 2013 to all of you!

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Dear Hasselblad users,

now we are here, with this new software, new features and all old postings imported into this new forumsoftware.

We adapted the layout as much as possible to the old one you are used to. All postings, threads, users and passwords are imported. Only user albums and user profile information could not be imported.

We still have to streamline the forum structure and adapt it as discussed in the other poll-thread. But this will take a few days, because we need first...
Dear users,

we will switch this evening/tonight (London time) to a new forumssoftware. The Hasselbladinfo.com User Forum will be therefore temporarely not available during that time.

All postings, usernames and passwords will be imported into the new software. So you do not have to do anything to have access afterwards.

Only the user profile fields and albums can not be importated.

Please read the announcements after the import.

Your Hasselbladinfo.com Team
Dear photo enthusiasts,

we merged in 2012 and 2014 all our independant community forums into one.

Contaxinfo.com, Hasselbladinfo.com, Leicainfo.com, Nikoninfo.com, Minoltainfo.com, Canoninfo.com, Olympusinfo.com etc. are now one forum called "Camera-info.com".

Here is the history of us and the explanation why we put everything together in one forum:

Some of you follow us since almost 11 years (as of 2012). Some of you joined us recently. A lot happened over the past decade, both in the...
Dear Hasselblad Fan,

we just want to inform you about 2 important issues:

1. We will switch soon the forum software.

As soon as the softwareswitch is over, we will send you an email.

Your username and password will stay the same. You do not need to change anything. All postings, images etc. will be imported too.

Only the albums and the userprofile questions can not be imported.

The new software is a lot better than the old one, with better usability and nice...
Dear HI members,

we have some new features for you, both for free members as well as Hasselbladinfo.com Supporters.

First of all, we increased image size for you both. Free members can upload images with up to 600 Pixel longest side with now 400KB. Supporting members can do the same with 1600 pixel on the longest side and 600KB.

Free members have now also Albums as a feature. For up to 10 Photos with 1600x1600 and 600KB size. Supporting members have the same sizes but for up to 50...
Dear users,

because of our growth, we need to upgrade to a bigger and faster server.

This move will take place on Monday morning, 1am German time (Sunday 7pm New York time). It can last up to 6 hours (worst case). During this timeframe, the site will not be available.

Since this new server has another IP address, it can last for some computerss up to 24 hours until every computer "knows" this new IP address in the internet.

In case some of you will have problems to reach us, this will be...
Dear User,

as you know all our forums are free for you to use. As a matter of fact, we financed over the last 7.5 years our forums even without advertising banners.

Because the costs of running these forums are too high, we started in 2008 to introduce club-memberships with additional features on a free-will basis and almost 3 months ago, we asked more precise for donations. Our hope was that we can cover the costs just with club-memberships and donations.

But looking at the numbers, it...